Apollonia, San Diego, CA

I have not counted the many times I have been here but must be over 5 by now.  This place is awesome.  Real authentic greek wine and spice & herb filled food.  The happy hour prices are amazing, with apps starting around $2 and the wine around $4.  They don’t skimp on the spices, which I love, or the quality.  I recommend the happy hour meatballs (a must!). Probably the best I’ve had, just because of the warm spices they include.  The spanakopita is made fresh there, I can tell the difference as I’ve made it for myself many times.  The dolmades comes with or without meat and is delish.  So many more items I want to try.  Nice sculptures and art adorn the walls, with warm colors on the walls.

Date destination?  Definately.  A nice outdoor patio with granite tables so you can people watch or private booths around the inside of the restaurant.  Wonderful.