See’s Candies, Palm Springs, CA


I love this place.  Every time I walk in I always get at least one or two free chocolates.  (Hint: try the blueberry!)  I ordered a valentine mini heart chocolate box this time, although you can walk in and buy chocolates one at a time in their case or by the box the rest of the year.  Every chocolate in my box was delicious.  Nothing weird or unusual or unpleasant at all, I tried every one.  Never disappointed by what See’s provides.

Pieology, San Diego, CA


This place is close to where I shop often so I’ve been tempted to go in.  Finally I tried the place on a night they were rather busy.  The place is setup like a Chipotle where you start on one side with your crust then go down the line asking for the toppings you would prefer.  Then you see them toss your individualized pizza into the fire for five minutes, take it out and cut it in front of you.  The prices are very reasonable as well, around $10 for each pizza.  They have menu items or make your own.  They offered a gluten free option which I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed.  With different sauces, cheeses and topping combos it is sure to please pizza lovers.

Date Destination?  Yes, laid back atmosphere, the ordering process is fun and conversation topic worthy.  Fast and easy, with customizable options for those picky eaters (they offer salads as well).