208 Rodeo, Los Angeles, CA

This place is situated right in the Rodeo drive strip.  They give you plenty of food, my salad almost came with a whole steak on top.  Since you are on Rodeo drive expect high prices.  Is the food worth the price?  No.  There is no view other than of tourists walking by.  The artichoke soup was boring, like just eating cream, but the salad was good.  There was a lot of meat on my salad.  All in all, probably wouldn’t go back, I can get a tastier meal for a reasonable price somewhere else.

Date destination – If you want to pay a lot to sit and eat on Rodeo Dr, sure.  Obviously a place to impress based on its location, but between San Diego and LA, you can do that in many places. Maybe if she is still wowed by the Pretty Woman image of Rodeo Dr.