Holly, long time childhood friend Liz, and Andrea at Cannonball

Andrea Ladwig, MBA is a food and coffee enthusiast who has enjoyed trying different restaurants since she was very young.  Born in Fairfield, Connecticut, she remembered Sunday brunches at Penny’s, a diner with Looney Tunes themed entree titles, the Spinning Wheel, an old 1742 house surrounded by pines that was converted to a fancy restaurant featuring pancakes for brunch, and the Duchess, a fast food joint serving tasty onion rings.  Two of her three brothers worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and she would often go there after school telling her family that she wanted some “chicken right!”, a phrase often used in commercials at the time.  When she moved to Texas in 1988, she discovered Tex Mex, Indian food, and fell in love with Greek.  When she moved to her first apartment in college, she explored making her favorite recipes from restaurants including sui mai, fresh rising biscuits from scratch, shrimp scampi and parma rosa pasta.  Always interested in how things are made from scratch, and learning nutrition so she could lose 130 pounds, Andrea continued to make more complicated recipes from scratch that took hours to prepare such as Moraccan chicken tagine, espresso creme brulee and tikka marsala.  

In 2014, Andrea started this blog to let others in on food she was tasting, places she was visiting, and recipes she was creating.  Just as an artist becomes inspired in art museums, Andrea finds inspiration in restaurants around her who show innovation and mastery in their food. Continue to come back, or follow this blog to feel part of the adventure!