SEA180, Imperial Beach, CA

On my recent vacation I went to a time share presentation (I know, I know, snooze-alert!) and received gift cards to Cohn restaurants and a bunch of reward hotel points. I scanned the Cohn restaurant website for a place I hadn’t been before. Cohn’s owns the previously reviewed Coasterra, Island Prime and Corvette Diner around San Diego. This restaurant, SEA180 was on the list, and since I’d never been to Imperial Beach I decided to make it a day trip. The restaurant is actually hidden in a seaside hotel, after you enter the hotel go straight to the back. They have a gorgeous patio with ocean views. I ended up ordering the grilled cheese, which was presented nicely on a wooden plate. The french fries were crispy and the arugula salad was a nice complement. The grilled cheese was made with thick french bread, and included in house made tomato preserves. I usually don’t like jelly in my grilled cheese, but tomato preserves is one of those rare things to find, that my Grandmother used to make in the 80’s that you just can’t find very often in stores. It represents camping memories for me and something that is a rarity so in this case I enjoyed it. The view was wonderful as well. I wouldn’t mind coming back if I find myself in imperial beach again.

Date destination? Yes! Food was great, well presented, good service and gorgeous ocean views.


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