Red Sea Ethiopian Restaurant, San Diego, CA

My friend had a craving for Ethiopian food since the weekend and asked me to join her at Red Sea, in North Park. I’ve been to Asmara, an Eritrean restaurant that has since closed, and the food here is very similar. It is mostly finger food, with the entrees picked up and eaten using injera bread, a very spongy flatbread with a vinegary after taste. I tried their special Ethiopian coffee, which was strong, hand brewed and served in an espresso cup. We shared the vegetarian sampler plate, which had spinach, two different spiced lentil, and potato entrees. Very filling, and tasty for a vegetarian plate. The atmosphere is like a family owned diner, very laid back with faded pictures of Ethiopia hung on the walls.

Date destination? No, the atmosphere here is rather worn down and not particularly romantic. Parking is on the street and is probably busy at night. If she specifically asks for this kind of food it might be an exception.


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