New Orleans Creole Cafe, San Diego, CA

This restaurant has been on my list for quite a while. I love some good cajun cooking from blackened chicken or fish, to baking soda biscuits, sourdough or etouffee. Of course whenever I see etouffee on the menu I have to try it, so that’s what I ordered. Thankfully I found they have half portions on one of the menu pages and their half portion was just right. The sauce definately seemed homemade, with plenty of crawfish swimming around a perfectly shaped little mound of rice. I liked the presentation; restaurants usually give you far too much rice at the bottom of the bowl. The restaurant is set inside an 1800’s home that was moved from downtown San Diego to Old Town. The owner seems to do everything here from taking orders, seating you and serving food. Expect a wait even when there are not many people here but also expect food that you don’t typically get in San Diego. Also, they have short hours for lunch then break before dinner so check google for times.

Date destination? Yes, they have a cute patio and the inside has historical pictures that could be conversation starters. Then you could walk around the shops in Old Town.


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