Nautical Bean Coffee, Oceanside, CA

This review will be mixed. I’ll start off with the positive points. First you are going to see a gorgeous view of a marina and boats while you dine. Their patio is awesome with nice polished wood, heating lamps to keep you warm, and great music. This place is a free standing kiosk along the marina in Oceanside. I ordered their grilled cheese and a decaf coffee. The decaf coffee was good, it had all the fixings that you usually get at any Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee, including chocolate, cinnamon, and other powders to top your coffee. However, my grilled cheese was flattened into a pancake. The clerk wore his pants below his underwear and showed me some skin while he was making my sandwich. Not appetizing. I think if they could put a little bit more time and effort into the food and have a standard dress code, I think the experience would have been better overall.

Date destination? I would say no, there are many other places on this Marina and in Oceanside that are better quality. Take her somewhere where you get served at your table which there are several here at the marina. Also this area of Oceanside has plenty of little shops to go in and out of and a sidewalk to walk along after dinner.


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