Palumbo, Temecula, CA

This restaurant is right in the middle of Old Town Temecula. It has a nice patio and is dog friendly. Palumbo is an Italian restaurant, one of many in Temecula. Temecula is known for its vineyards and Olive Groves. This is my first time in this town so I wanted to try a nice restaurant and this one was highly rated on Google Maps. They have the number of specials including lamb chops which sounded tempting however I ended up ordering the manicotti as I don’t allow myself to have that very often. The little focaccia bread they bring you out was delightful and the cappuccino they gave me was good as well. A lot of the common Italian dishes that you’re used to are on their menu including lasagna, ravioli, chicken, fish and veal. The atmosphere is very comfortable; I’d recommend the patio as you get to people and dog watch.

Date destination? Yes, they have nice food as well as a comfortable atmosphere and reasonable prices. You could take her along Old Town for a stroll after dinner as well.


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