Himalayan Curry and Grill, San Diego, CA

From the outside this place doesn’t look like much but once inside they have beautiful statues, prayer flag lamps, and wall decor. The music completes the experience where you feel you’ve been transported to Nepal. The menu is median priced around $14.95 to $16.95 for most entrees. The menu includes many of the marsala, biryani, saag paneer, and korma entrees you’d expect. The service was nice, you receive complementary naan or rice (not both) and lentil soup with most meals. I asked for a recommendation and I was led to the lamb korma, which I ordered spicy. The spicy level is still Americanized, it has a kick but you can still taste your food after a bite. Overall the food was good and the experience comfortable. I’d love to come back and try a different dish.

Date destination? Yes, the atmosphere is wonderful, there is beautiful decor, good food and vegetarian options.

I know this stuff is usually sold out when I get to it in the grocery store. If you are a tikka marsala fan, you can order it safely online and have it delivered to your door! (Link and image takes you to Amazon)
Pataks Tikka Marsala Paste – 3 Pack

Indian food fan? Me too. I cook it at home too. Check out this cookbook on Amazon. (Link and image takes you to Amazon)
The Indian Cooking Course: Techniques – Masterclasses – Ingredients – 300 Recipes


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