Harbor Breakfast, San Diego, CA

The service here is exceptional. I came here on a Saturday morning during a time when they had a march a couple blocks away downtown, so it was pretty busy. Even though they were packed, I found a lone stool at the breakfast bar and sat down. The people behind the bar smiled at me frequently and showed that they cared even though it was so busy. I ended up ordering the corned beef breakfast which includes a three-person helping of hash browns & fresh corned beef hash with a single size portion of eggs. It comes with your preference of toast, biscuit, or English muffin. Their bread selection was very original as well, not your usual white versus wheat selection. The meal was more than I could finish, I probably only finished about a quarter of it. I know that their biscuits were made in house because it had some fresh flour dusted at the bottom of it. Overall very satisfying and filling meal. They’re very quick to serve you coffee and water right when you sit down. I wouldn’t mind stopping here again as it’s so close to the Little Italy / County Center train stop if there weren’t so many breakfast places in San Diego to try.

Date destination? No, it seems like this place is mostly a breakfast place located in Little Italy.


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