Red Lobster, San Diego, CA

I have a friend that works here as a manager so after trying their cheddar bay biscuits for free when she brought them to me one night I decided to stop by and give their “lobsterfest” a try. Red Lobster is a Nationwide chain with a New England theme. There was one Cajun recipe on the menu that I noticed but for the most part it’s lobster, fish, scallops, shrimp, as well as soups and salads. I have this thing where I really like shrimp or crab and some sort of creamy butter sauce topped on fish or steak. So whenever I see that on the menu I just think it’s a special treat. They had many options on their menu that paired fish with steak or chicken or different kinds of shrimp with fish. You can add a skewer of shrimp or shrimp scampi to any of your meals which increases the potential combinations. They have a very large menu and it took me about 10 minutes to finally decide. I wanted a good sampling of what they had to offer so I got their surf and turf with the filet mignon and lobster matched with mashed potatoes and green beans with mushrooms. In addition to all of that food they give you either a side salad or Caesar side which I thought was way too much. I told the waitress just to send one biscuit so I wouldn’t fill up on bread before the meal as well as not to waste extra biscuits which would have to be thrown out after my meal. The steak was topped with chunks of lobster in a cream and butter sauce and the steak was cooked as it should be. Everything was very good and it was way more than I could finish. The biscuits were even better than I remembered, they must use real butter and lard to make those things because they were so soft and fluffy and pulled apart so well. They were even topped with some sort of salt mixture I don’t know if it was in the extra cheddar that they put on top or something else but I found it delightful. The waitress went above and beyond what was called for and it almost seemed like she wanted to sit right next to me and be my friend. She was like that with other customers as well but I think I got extra attention because I was the only one by myself. All in all the service was excellent as she went through the entire menu with me since I was unfamiliar with the place and even gave me extra biscuits which I didn’t need to take home. Prices vary from $5 to $37+.

Date destination? Red Lobster is very much a chain restaurant with a New England themed atmosphere. I would say it was comfortable enough for a date yes but in my honest opinion if you want to impress a lady maybe take her somewhere that’s original and unique to your city. They have a very nice bar area in the front if you go to the one on Sports Arena Boulevard and the booths are very comfortable. So I am going to say yes because the food and service was good but I would also caution to maybe take her somewhere like the original restaurants down in Seaport Village or gaslamp that are more unique to San Diego and have less of a chain atmosphere.

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