Harbor Greek Cafe, San Diego, CA

I’ve been to this restaurant once before but I have never reviewed it. Harbor Greek Cafe is near the airport on Harbor Drive. They have beautiful paintings lining their hallway walls in the back so I highly recommend you go see those as well. The food is good they have all different kinds of kabobs, baba ganoush, hummus and other Greek favorites. A very nice light meal that’s great for lunch. They have a cute little patio where you can sit outside and enjoy the palm trees. The inside dining area is not much to look at other than the paintings along the hallway so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for a date, but but it’s a great place to pick up a light lunch.

Date destination – I would say no because of their atmosphere. There are kind of setup like Pei Wei where you order at the counter and then they hand it to you once it’s ready. So it’s not the right atmosphere for a romantic date.

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