Cotton Patch Cafe, Allen, TX

Wow what a great meal! I haven’t had a lot of Cajun since I’ve moved to San Diego as they just don’t have many Cajun places here. When I came to Texas for Christmas I stopped by the Cotton Patch Cafe, not knowing that they actually did have some Cajun choices on their menu. I ordered their blackened tilapia with rice, sauteed butter mushrooms, and garlic smashed potatoes. The whole thing was delicious and I finished it. The service was very nice and patient, I asked for decaf coffee and they brewed a pot for me without complaint. All in all a very delicious satisfying meal that tasted very fresh. The sauce on top of the tilapia was similar to a Pontchartrain, it consisted of Cajun spices and cream.  Other options on the menu include chicken fried steak,  sandwiches, and other American classics. The atmosphere is very laid-back and casual with a feel similar to a cross between a diner and an Applebees.

Date destination?  I don’t usually recommend diners for dates but this one is a step above with the atmosphere and food, so yes, you could have a casual, comfortable date here.


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