Christina’s, Dallas, TX

We stopped by Christina’s after going to Christmas Mass with the family. I’ve been to Christina’s many times but I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about it. Cristina’s is a chain in the Dallas area that serves Tex-Mex food. I really enjoy Tex-Mex food especially when it’s made well. The first Christina’s I went to was in Frisco on 121 and Preston, which is now closed, and had better quality than the food that I had here on Eldorado and 75. For some reason the food just didn’t seem to be the same quality as I remembered before I left the state. I was really looking forward to having some Tex-Mex when I came back. Their atmosphere is lovely. They have a huge fireplace in the front foyer and a nice large dining area with iron chandeliers. The service was pretty good as well. Maybe if you go at a different time you may get a different chef and the quality might be better.

Date destination? The atmosphere would say yes to me however the quality of the food would say maybe not. I would look for a place that has both higher quality food, presentation as well as atmosphere. A fun place in the area is Rockfish across 75 on the east side which serves mostly Seafood. One of my favorite Tex-Mex places that have great chips is El Fenix. Some of my favorite enchiladas are at La Hacienda Ranch.

Love taco anything that everything is better in a tortilla? You might be right. Check out this cookbook on Amazon. (Link and image takes you to Amazon)
Tacos: 75 Authentic and Inspired Recipes


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