Cali-O Burger, San Diego, CA

I’ve been meaning to stop by here for years.  When I finally did I was disappointed.  I asked the employee at the register if they recommended the elk burger or the rib-eye steak sandwich more and she said the rib-eye steak sandwich. When I finally got the rib-eye steak sandwich there was so little meat it was more like just a grilled provolone cheese on a hoagie roll.  The brown items that you see in the picture are actually mushrooms. The steak is hidden under a mountain of uninteresting, tasteless provolone cheese. Other than the copious amounts of cheese there were mushrooms and some onions. The roll itself was ordinary. While the little bit of meat that was in there was cooked well it had no additional seasoning. It could have definitely used some sort of salt and pepper or seasoning blend to kick it up a notch. The sandwich comes by itself, drinks and sides are extra. I’d like to try their elk burger before I totally give up on this restaurant. I hope it’s better than their “recommended” steak sandwich roll.  The service wasn’t very good either honestly, the lady at the register acted like I was bothering her.

Date destination?  I would say no, not if they don’t have memorable food. They have a cute little patio where you can sit on University and watch the people go by but the inside isn’t much to look at. The employees could be happier and nicer too honestly. They do have a number of unique beverages that I found interesting and they have a lot of unique offerings but so far my experience was below average. 


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