Bombay India, San Diego, CA

Someone on google said this place lacked spice. I disagree. I went for their buffet for lunch and found some unique offerings I don’t typically see in Indian buffets but enjoyed. Their banana curry stood out to me as a sweet alternative to the usual curry; it was excellent when used as a dressing for my salad. Their tandoori chicken was different from the usual with a spicy and flavorful crust around their mini chicken bites. I loved them and couldn’t stop thinking of them throughout the day. They had the usual chicken curry but no chicken tikka marsala for the chicken tikka marsala lovers out there. When you sit down they ask what naan you’d prefer once seated at the table. I ordered garlic, and their naan had a flaky pizza crust texture, nicely crisped on the bottom with crushed garlic and ghee spread on top.

Date destination? Yes! This place is so pretty on the inside with pretty wood tables, a blue waterfall and statues. People were dressed casually as well so you could go casual or dressed up and feel comfortable.

Indian food fan? Me too. I cook it at home too. Check out this cookbook on Amazon. (Link and image takes you to Amazon)
The Indian Cooking Course: Techniques – Masterclasses – Ingredients – 300 Recipes

I know this stuff is usually sold out when I get to it in the grocery store. If you are a tikka marsala fan, you can order it safely online and have it delivered to your door! (Link and image takes you to Amazon)
Pataks Tikka Marsala Paste – 3 Pack


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