Outback Steakhouse, San Diego, CA

Outback Steakhouse has so many positive childhood memories for me. My Mom and I would go to Outback and have a comfortable meal together. I haven’t been to Outback Steakhouse in years (maybe decades). Mostly because I’m trying new things or sometimes I don’t visit a place without certain people if I have memories attached to that place. Regardless of the excuses I decided to stop by the one in Westfield Mall in Mission Valley. It’s currently under construction but I found the atmosphere very comforting and calm so I was able to write for a good amount of time without feeling rushed or pressured. First they came out with their bread and honey butter. I remember this from my childhood as being something I loved so much they would bag some up and let me take it home because I would go on and on about it. For whatever reason it just didn’t have the same taste and flavor that I remembered. It looked exactly the same but it didn’t taste as great as I remember when I was a kid. I don’t know if they changed the recipe or if my memories or taste buds have changed over the years. The other thing that I remembered from my teenage years was the Alice Springs Chicken. Alice Springs Chicken is essentially a chicken breast that is well seasoned with honey mustard, sauteed mushrooms, bacon and topped with cheese with a side of fries. It is by no means healthy however is extremely memorable and satisfying. I got the lunch 5oz chicken but you can also get the 8 oz. I paired it with the chicken tortilla soup since I don’t think I’d ever tried it at Outback before. The chicken was close to how I remembered it, with the seasoning and the honey mustard dressing, mushrooms and bacon. I think they put too much cheese on top but I was able to take that off and still enjoy my chicken. The seasoned fries are very similar to Chili’s and were good. Overall the meal wasn’t exactly the way I remembered it so many years ago. I don’t know if is just because I was easier to please back then or if their recipes had changed. The atmosphere was so comfortable I wouldn’t mind coming back and maybe trying something different. I certainly came during the slow part of the day so it is possible that their chefs get better at night when they are more busy.

Date destination? Yes this restaurant chain has a wide variety of food with a lot of healthy options. You can have chicken, shrimp, salmon, tilapia or steak and they have different kinds of salads. If you want something less healthy they have the Bloomin’ Onion and other tasty items as well as a full list of alcoholic beverages. On Wednesdays I have specials called Walkabout Wednesdays as well as excellent lunch combo deals. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere to take your date to sit there for a while and have a chat.


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