Grated, San Diego, CA

For a place that specializes in grilled cheese they don’t know how to make a good grilled cheese. I was actually a little surprised at how much it wasn’t good. They don’t use American cheese they use some sort of cheddar and white cheese blend and they burnt both sides of the bread. It didn’t have a buttery crust and those were not the cheeses I would have chosen to put in my grilled cheese. On top of that I was expecting the price to be $5 or under for something that’s just two slices of bread and some cheese and it was actually over $6. They offer a half cup of tomato soup which was a perfect size for only $2 more and I thought that was a good idea. They have many other options on their menu which includes some salads, some burgers, as well as panini sandwiches with bacon, tomatoes and other items in them. Overall I would say even though that my lunch was less than $10 it was not satisfying. The slices of bread should be buttery not burnt maybe some little grill marks would be nice but not necessary.  The cheese that they choose should be good cheese when it is above $5.  They missed the mark here and their whole marketing scheme seems to be around grilled cheese which they can’t even make the basic sandwich well. Quite unfortunate. I don’t know if it’s a management problem for this particular shop or they just have a badly executed idea.

Date destination?  I know this is a place where you stop in and grab a sandwich and go. If the food was good I might have something more to say but the food isn’t even good so I would keep walking and find something else. If you’re on a cheap date and you’re in the Friars Road area I really like the Indian restaurant next door called Tandoor. They have excellent pricing and good food for the price.


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