Oscar Wilde, San Diego, CA

Shepard’s Pie
Shepard’s Pie
Rib-eye steak sandwich

Oscar Wilde was my second Pub on my tour of pubs in San Diego. Oscar Wilde is a restaurant near the LGBT community center in Hillcrest on University Avenue. I went during lunch time and ordered their shepherd’s pie. The waiter recommended their rib-eye steak sandwich which did sound very good and I should go back and try that next time I go. The shepherd’s pie had pearl onions and green peas and a light sauce, topped with real mashed potatoes and some cheddar cheese. It was extremely filling. I can only finish about half of it and was able to take the other half home. Both of the waiters were very nice to me when I was there and explained that they were putting up a dart boards in the back. They also have Will & Grace hour every Thursday night where you can watch Will and Grace with friends on the TVs around the restaurant. I thought that sounded like fun and will try to make it on a Thursday in the coming weeks. They used to have these awesome Celtic knot tables which I think had a triquetra in the middle of them. I don’t know what happened to those tables but currently they have some nice marble tables on their patio that you can sit and people-watch as well as a nice wooden bar in the middle of the restaurant.

Date destination? Yes you could have a lunch or dinner date here. The restaurant is small and quaint and you could go casually or with something more nice on and feel perfectly comfortable. Plenty of parking in the parking lot which is free as well as along Normal street.

Don’t forget your Irish pub hat when you go. Many people at the bar was wearing them! (Link takes you to Amazon)
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Celtic belts on Amazon! Very cool, I have one. (Link takes you to Amazon)
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Want to bring UK comfort food home to the family? Check out this cookbook! (Link takes you to Amazon)
The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook


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