Andrea’s Appetite Busting Smoothie Recipe

I try to have two of these a day as it has appetite suppressing spinach, L-Carnitine and an apple.  A tasty way to get some seriously healthy fruits and vegetables in you that makes you feel great.  Plus you can sneak any number of vitamins in here. Have first thing at breakfast so to avoid breakfast foods that are not on your plan, and to start the day off feeling great.

(185-200 cals)

1 apple

2 cups raw baby spinach (or spinach & kale mixture)

1 scoop vanilla or chocolate GNC Pro action protein powder (adds flavor and 20 gms of protein so you don’t feel like you’re drinking mowed lawn).  Orange & white bottle.

1 scoop BCAAs (if you work out)

1 tbsp L-Carnitine, 3000ml 

1 cup water  (mix and match with vanilla unsweetened almond milk to make creamier)

Put in blender and blend away!  Once done hit the beach, park or gym.


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