Mo’s Irish Pub, Brookfield, WI

I saw Mo’s Irish Pub on my way to the Milwaukee County Zoo and thought to myself that I had to stop there afterwards as I love Irish/English pub atmospheres.  I tried to take a picture of the inside; there is a long bar and then a huge dining area with a wall showing a ceiling-tall stone fireplace and tv, and another wall lined with bookcases.  I didn’t want to leave at the end of the meal, the atmosphere was so comforting.  I first spotted the meatloaf on the menu, and asked the waitress if the rueben or meatloaf was better.  She recommended the rueben so that’s what I had.  Overall a nice meal, I wouldn’t have minded coming back for the meatloaf but I didn’t have time in this trip.  And bonus!  They were playing an A&M Aggies footie ball game when I was there.  Serendipity.   If I ever make it to that zoo again, I’d come back to this spot.


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