Louise’s Italian Restaurant, Brookfield, WI

This is where we had our first family reunion dinner. We were offered a partial selection from the usual menu as we had a party of ~40 people. Their menu looks very good and I was told it was good Italian. Even though they were feeding so many of us I felt like the quality was still high for everyone’s dishes. We were able to try the goat cheese as well as the Italian saladd, both of which were very good although I’d have to say my favorite was the goat cheese as was my father’s. I ordered the salmon with risotto and it was excellent. Both my father and I enjoyed the salmon very much. My mother tried the lasagna and she said it was very filling and they gsve her whay looked like 2 servings worth. The portions were very large and very filling. I ended up trying their tiramisu which was very good and delectable. They also offered a gluten-free chocolate cake which I didn’t get to try unfortunately. I would recommend this place to others if you’re looking for some good Italian.

Date destination?  I would say yes, they have good food and a comfortable atmosphere. The service was always very good.


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