Kaiserhoff, San Diego, CA


Revision 08/29/2017 – I had a craving for German food, which is unusual for me, so I followed my feelings, and as usual my feelings were absolutely right. They still had their holiday decorations up and I was seated right by the fireplace and christmas tree.  This is a cute little family-owned Bavarian restaurant that serves many of the usual German favorites such as jager schnitzel, spätzle and apple strudel.  I ended up ordering the veal jager schnitzel with spätzle, green beans almondine and cream of mushroom soup. The soup was delightful, nice and creamy but not too thick as too fill you up, and the schnitzel was not breaded, but smothered in thickened brown gravy, with whole mushrooms.  All in all a very hearty, filling meal with lovely atmosphere.  There is a covered, and heated porch to the side of the restaurant.  Parking is in the back.  After 6pm, parking can be found at the smog station across the street.  I recommend stopping at belmont park afterwards for a stroll along the beach after dinner.  Most entrees will be between $17-30, salads and appetizers in the teens.

Date Destination?  Yes.  Table cloths, cute candles, big fireplace.  Patio to the side.  Cozy and international food and costumes to help start a conversation.


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