Fish Market Restaurant, San Diego, CA

salmon brulee chowderbread


fish market 7
Walnut Ice Cream!


Revision 08/29/2017 – The Fish Market Restaurant is on the San Diego Bay and offers scenic views day or night on their patio while you have some of the freshest seafood around.  I sampled their clam chowder, which was rich and creamy. Their sourdough bread was crunchy and chewy on the outside, and soft on the inside.  The salmon was cooked very well, perfectly seasoned so I didn’t have to add any more seasoning.  My favorite here is the Trout with lemon butter and steamed vegetables.  They make their crème brulee in house, so I ordered that for our dessert, and we were glad I did.  The melted sugar crust and vanilla crème inside was a lovely way to end our evening.  I could tell they used real vanilla bean on the inside.  I would recommend getting a reservation Thursday through Saturday at this place if you want a good seat by the bay. Prices vary between $5-70.


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