Perch, Los Angeles, CA

Filet and shrimp with hollandaise and small blue cheese arugula salad
Supreme chicken with creamed polenta and broccolini
Indoor eating area with patio

One angle of the skytline view
Another angle of the skyline view

Everything I had here was phenomenal.  It actually exceeded my expectations as far as the quality of food.  This restaurant is near the Pershing square train stop near Hill and 4th street.  You’ve hit the right building when you see valet parking out front.  People do dress up for this spot; I didn’t see any jeans but I did see tank tops on some of the ladies.  Also, if you have a purse larger than a clutch they may ask you to check it in.  They have two levels; one that serves food and has indoor as well as outdoor seating, and the top level.  The top level just has a bar and offers 360 skyline views of some of LA’s downtown buildings as well as the hills in the distance.  The food was great.  I wanted to really try the place and I have no regrets.  I ordered the surf and turf appetizer which has shrimp and filet mignon topped with hollandaise.  I could tell the hollandaise was scratch made and fresh.  Good job!  Even the little side arugula with blue cheese was good.  The main dish was baked chicken with creamy polenta and broccolini.  So good, and filling.  Believe it or not I finished everything except the broccolini stems and enjoyed all of it.  Some places are expensive because of their location but the food isn’t worth the price without the view.  This place is the exception, you get a view and excellent food for what I think is a reasonable price considering everything. I left happy.

Date destination? – Yes, warn her about the dress code and to bring a clutch.  Take the train or pay for parking in local lots. 


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