Yard House, San Diego, CA

Stopped by the Yard House for lunch this day which is located in Westfield mall. First I ordered two tacos, one being the blacked white fish with crema, mango and cabbage, as well as their Korean BBQ short rib taco with green papaya and jicama.  The blackened white fish was really good, with plenty of spice to be satisfying.  The BBQ Korean short rib was different, but I’m not sure those ingredients belong in a taco.  I enjoyed the short rib meat as it was, but the combo in a flour tortilla and jicama didn’t feel right to me. Their chicken tortilla soup kept calling out to me before and after the tacos so I ended up ordering it after.  It was rich and creamy, almost like the filling in a pot pie.  The cup is a reasonable size so I left pretty satisfied without feeling stuffed.  Their salad and soup selection looked great so I might be back to try more salad options.

Date destination – Yes, this would be a great place to take a date before a movie next door.


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