Low Glycemic Index Foods

Protein Veggies Fruit Grains Nuts and beans (watch portion sizes)
Any Any Lettuce Apples Barley
Arugula Apricots Brown Rice
Asparagus Avocado Buckwheat
Bell Peppers Blackberry Bulgur Cashews
Bok Choy cantaloupe Coarse Barley Chickpeas
Broccoli cranberry Ezekiel bread Kidney beans
Brussels Sprouts Cherries Oat Bran Lentils
Butternut Squash (Smaller Portions, Watch Calories) Grapefruit Quinoa Navy Beans
Cabbage honeydew Sourdough Peanuts
Carrots (Smaller Portions) lemon Stone Ground wheat Soybeans
Cauliflower lime
Celery Oranges
Corn On The Cob (Smaller Portions, Watch Calories) papaya
Cucumber Peaches
Cucumber Pears
Eggplant pineapple
Green Beans Plums
Green beans Prunes
Green onion raspberry
Green Peas starfruit
Green pepper tomato
Jicama watermelon
Kale And Other Greens
Parsnips (Smaller Portions, Watch Calories)
Sweet Potatoes And Yams (Smaller Portions, Watch Calories)

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