Sogno di Vino, San Diego, CA

Duck salad
The bar, beautiful stone

Sogna di Vino is close to the Little Italy train stop on India st.  I came here after walking through the Little Italy farmers market that happens every Saturday in the morning until noon.  It looked romantic, and I like romantic views with my meals, so I stopped in.  I ended up ordering the duck spinach salad.  The waiters spoke in Italian which made me wonder if it is family owned.  I didn’t see any mention on the website or in the restaurant of the ownership however.  The salad was good, different from your typical caesar or wedge.  The goat cheese made the entire meal, it was so fresh and chilled perfectly.  The duck was good, although I don’t think duck needs much sauce,  yet restaurants seem to like putting thick sauces on duck. They used a thick sweet glaze, similar in taste to teriyaki or orange sauce.  I would order it again honestly, it was good and satisfying.
Date destination – Yes, it is a romantic atmosphere with a beautiful stone bar.  The prices are reasonable between $15 and $35.


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