Oggi’s Pizza and Brew, San Diego, CA

The works pizza
Chicken tortilla soup
Italian salad

Oggi’s Pizza is actually a chain restaurant that I hadn’t heard of until I passed by it one day. A few days later I decided to stop in and try them. I don’t have pizza often, however I do like a quality pizza with excellent, real cheese and a nice crisp crust. I’ve been a bit spoiled since I left New York City and had pizza at John’s which was close to Broadway and to this day I can remember the real, thick mozzarella cheese on that pizza. Since then I’ve been a little picky about my cheese and I can tell when it’s good. Oggi’s surprised me with the quality of their pizza. I specifically requested thin crust and their crust was very thin and crisp, not soggy. The toppings were plentiful, another thing I look for when critiquing new pizzas, and everything was tasty. Their cheese was a good thick mozzarella cheese that tasted fresh and it tasted real unlike many of the other chains such as Papa John’s and Domino’s. Overall the pizza turned out better than I expected which was a delightful surprise.

Date destination? I would say a casual date. They have an outside area that is next to a water fountain and their inside area is casual with a bar as well. My medium size pizza was about $25.


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