Cafe Coyote, San Diego, CA

I’ve walked past Cafe Coyote many times while going to South American imports, a crystal shop in Old Town.  I’ve never stepped in until tonight.  They were packed, maybe 200 people in this place, I thought I’d have to wait a long time.  I was wrong, they had my food out in 5 minutes or less, which while efficient, made me a little concerned.  Obviously they have the food pre-cooked, but how long has it been sitting in the assembly line?  The order came out wrong from what I could tell.  I wanted to try a little of everything so I ordered their tres taco plate, with chicken, carnitas and shredded beef.  The food was actually good, a cross between Tex Mex (cheap) and Californian Mexican.  The tortilla chips were nothing to write about.  Two out of three of the taco shells were hard, and one was soft.  The salt shaker had rust around the holes.  The table smelled of reused cleaning fluid and dirty water.  Yikes, I won’t visit this place again.  Strike two on restaurants in old town.  Unfortunate.

Date destination – Heck no, take her somewhere special if you care about her!


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