Broken Yolk Cafe, San Diego, CA

Literally called the “No Name” Omelet

I’ve been spying this restaurant off and on for a year.  It is a chain that I didn’t notice in Dallas. I love a good breakfast, so this day I decided to stop in around lunch as they serve breakfast all day.  The atmosphere is very much like a Dennys or IHOP.  I found it to be very clean with wood floors and a clean quartz breakfast counter.  I ordered what they called the “No name” omelet, which was stuffed with tomato, avocado, mushrooms and bacon.  The omelet was excellent.  The egg was cooked first and the fillings wrapped in the egg, so no mushy, runny egg which I prefer.  Nice big tvs line the breakfast bar and the service was attentive.  All in all, a good experience.

Date destination?  No, take her somewhere classy!  However, they have good food and prices for other occasions.


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