Peohe’s, Coronado island, CA

Mahi Mahi with macadamia nuts, frangelico and lemon
View from the patio
Peohe’s patio
Peohe’s menu
Peohe’s entrance
Beautiful photo in the waiting area

This restaurant is in the shopping village right off of the ferry landing on Coronado Island. It has a gorgeous view of the skyline looking North and is right on the beach with a pier coming out from the porch. I happened on this restaurant while cruising the shopping village adjacent to it and viewed its menu outside the door. I was impressed by their unique selection of dishes that included Frangelico, macadamia nuts, and various different unique salad combinations with seafood. They sat me on the porch and I was able to watch boats float by as well as some naval ships while dining. The food was excellent I ended up ordering their mahi-mahi entree which included yellow rice and steamed vegetables. The staff was very courteous, attentive and overall the experience was amazing.

Date destination?  Yes, definately.


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