Village Indian Cuisine, San Diego, CA

Stopped by Village Indian Cuisine near 163 and Clairmont.  It is in a nicely shaded strip mall with the occasional acoustic guitar player providing free entertainment to those eating on the porch. I love Indian buffets because you can make it healthy by skipping the rice and placing your chicken or vegetarian dishes on salad.  Just be careful of portion sizes, especially with cream based sauces. I tried a little bit of everything, and overall I think they could use more spice.  Some Indian buffets are not afraid to use spice, and some Americanize the food too much.  However it was a good buffet in a quiet nice area with free music and a porch.  Fresh hot naan made to order for those that want it.  Buffet is around $10 and includes a drink. 

Date destination?  I would say no, it wouldn’t impress your date.   The restaurant itself is very small, it is walk up and order, and the atmosphere is not impressive.


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