Georgina’s Greek Cuisine, San Diego, CA

I stopped by for lunch at this cute cafe off of Camino del Rio and Rosencrans.  They seated me in the pretty patio to the side with plenty of green plants and greek themed ceramics.  I ordered their beef kabob and dolmades combo plate, which came with rice, tzatziki, greek salad with creamy greek dressing and pita.  It came out quickly and everything was warm and filling.  The dolmades were topped with a thick avgolemono sauce and the beef kabob had a charbroiled flavor to it. The atmosphere in the patio was cute and cozy. I would suggest more comfortable chairs though because even the 20 minute lunch was rather uncomfortable in these wicker and wood seats.  I can’t imagine sitting through an hour or two dinner with the family.  The food is good, quick and they give you plenty for the price.

Date destination?  The prices are very reasonable.  Maybe a quick lunch but I’d be worried my date might be uncomfortable in the chairs.


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