Fun Salad Recipes – Low to No Carb

 Low to No Carb Salad Recipes

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Fun Salads – These salads are for those of you first reducing the amount of carbs in your meals and increasing the number of salads in your day.  These are great transition salads because they are delicious recipes such as beef stroganoff, chicken tikka marsala, pizza and beef cheesesteak salad.  Salads like these helped me learn to start craving salads because they included what we call “Fun” foods on top of salads instead of in a bun or on top of rice or pasta.  Make sure to include two cups of greens with your “Fun” salad and use the tasty food to help eat it.  The leafy greens fill you up and keep you satiated while cleaning out your system.

Some basic weight loss tips

  • If you are maintaining or losing weight pay attention to low glycemic fruits and vegetables.  If you need a list of low glycemic foods, it is included here: Low Glycemic List
  • Keep your meat servings to 4 oz  on each salad
  • Spinach is one of the best, if not the best, for also filling you up due to the protein and iron content.  I recommend this as your base for your salads if you like it.  Romaine and iceberg are not as filling honestly.
  • We have bacteria in our gut that sends signals to our brain that can produce our future cravings (  Change the bacteria, change the cravings and make it easier to like to eat better things for yourself that maintain your weight over the long term. 
  • Keep cheese sizes in these recipes to 2 oz or less.
  • Be careful with dressings and try to keep them under 200 calorie servings.  Eventually it is possible to eat these salads without dressing.


Fun Salads

1. Chicken or Beef cheesesteak salad – combine ribeye or chicken slices with a blue cheese dressing or balsamic dressing, red onions and the green of your choice.


2. Bacon Cheeseburger salad – These are simple to order at any restaurant as most restaurants have burgers these days.  Or grill yours at home and put on top of greens for a very satisfying salad indeed.  Just remember to skip the bun!  One of my favorites is listed below, topped with grilled mushrooms, swiss, bacon and ranch.  I just slice it up over the lettuce, tomato, and pickles, skip the bun and it’s low carb deliciousness!


3. Salisbury steak salad – Use your favorite salisbury steak recipe, and place it on top of some spinach or arugula.  Don’t forget the Mushrooms and gravy! Recipe Here

burger salad 2

4. Tikka marsala salad (with ghee and cream) – I often do this at Indian buffets, where I take a huge helping of greens to fill me up and place tikki marsala and other delicious indian sauces right on top of the greens.  Skip the rice and you’ve got a delicious filling meal.  The “fun for you” version includes the coconut milk and ghee (butter).  Recipe Here


4. Pizza Salad – Remove the toppings from your favorite pizza and place on chicken or directly on the salad.  The toppings also go great on top of steak.  Here is a salad you will not get tired of!

pizza salad

5. Veal Parmesan Salad – Skip the breadcrumbs and spaghetti, and put your beef or veal parmesan over spinach, then you have a delicious salad that will leave you feeling full!  Recipe Here

6. Lobster salad – Lobster claw or tail, placed on top of lettuce/spinach with your choice of other toppings including avocado, lemon, cucumber and garlic.  Add butter for taste, or not use butter to save 100 calories. Recipe Here

7. Enchilada salad, chicken or beef – Skip the corn or flour tortilla  and put the enchilada fillings on top of your favorite greens.  Delish!  Grocery stores have various enchilada sauces premade, try to find one without sugars or chemicals as much as possible (they do exist).  Heat the sauce with your ground beef, shredded beef or chicken and put on top of your salad hot.  Melted cheese optional but make sure it is a real cheese such as cheddar or swiss, and not a “cheese-like food product”.  Recipe Here

8. Beef stroganoff salad – You can also make this with veggie “meatballs” you can find int he vegetarian section of the produce aisle.  Make stroganoff as usual, but skip the noodles or rice.  Recipe Here.

9. Chicken and Shrimp Scampi salad – sautee your chicken and shrimp in butter and sherry (add mushrooms if you like) and put it on top of your favorite greens.  I usually add some raspberries or nectarines for a fresh sweet treat at the end, not to mention pretty colors. Recipe Here

ckn shrimp scampi

10. King Crab salad  – Steam your crab legs, remove them from their shells and place on top of your favorite salad mixture.  Lemon and butter usually go well with crab, but a ranch with cucumbers, tomatoes and dill would go well as well.  Be careful with the amount of dressing, keep to 2 oz and stir it together.  Recipe here.

11. Taco salad – Black olives and cheese, any meat you desire.  Recipe for ground beef taco meat here.

12. Outback Steakhouse Alice Springs Chicken with swiss or provolone, bacon and mushrooms – This was a borrowed recipe from the Outback Steakhouse Alice Springs Chicken.  Roast some fresh chicken, top with pepper bacon, swiss or provolone and sautéed mushrooms.  In the picture below I topped it further with marinara sauce as I was in the mood.  Put the roasted chicken mix on top of 2 cups of your favorite greens and it’s a filling delicious meal. Recipe Here

chicken mushroom melt salad

13. Portobello mushroom pizza salad – A great way to enjoy pizza again, or leftover pizza, without the high glycemic issues, take the toppings off the crust and put it on salad.  I sautee some fresh portabella mushrooms, grill steak (yum!) or roast some chicken in the oven to add to my topping for a filling, very satisfying meal.  If you’d like to skip buying the pizza, get a marinara sauce (preferably without sugar, they do exist), sautee some mushrooms, black olives and red onion together.  Warm with marinara sauce and top with parmesan, mozzarella, fontina or gouda.

14. Antipasto Salad – Top some greens with your favorite cold cuts and deli cheese.


15. Dolmades Salad with Avgolemono sauce Recipe here

dolmas salad

18. Stuffed chicken, tilapia or pork – Stuff chicken or a pork chop with spinach and feta or ricotta.  Bake in the oven and top with fresh tomatoes, red onion and olives. Recipe Here

19. Cucumbers, mint, sea salt and cheese – Cube cucumbers and mix in with fresh mint leaves.  Sprinkle with lime, orange or lemon juice/zest, add fresh diced roma tomatoes, red onion, cranberries, walnuts, and beets.

20. Salmon Salad – Grill, sauté or bake salmon with your favorite balsamic, honey, soy and spices.  Place on top of greens with fruits and nuts.  Hearty and very satisfying.


21. Kabob Salad – Beef, fish or chicken.  I usually toss in balsamic, olive oil, and greek spices before grilling on a charcoal grill or on a cookie rack in the oven. Then I place the meat on top of a spinach or greek salad. Asian style Recipe Here




22.  Pumpkin chunks with plum salad – You could trade pumpkin with sweet potato if you can’t find whole pumpkin in the recipe.  Slice plums and add some walnuts on top of spinach or arugula.  Additional 2 oz crumbled goat cheese would be great as well with this mix.

23.  Stuffed trout with Greek Spanakopita filling – Stuff trout with spanakopita filling and bake in the oven.  Recipe Here

24.  Fajita shrimp and strawberries – I really loved shrimp and strawberries on spinach.  I usually saute them with carne asada spice and slice the strawberries.

25.  Sliced steak with green papaya and nuts – You can also pair this with grilled salmon.  Noodle green papaya and toss with a Vietnamese dressing in linked recipe.   Recipe Here

26. Salmon Salad with tomatoes, walnuts, corn, beets, and cucumbers – Pair with tzatiki dressing or your favorite creamy dressing.



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