The Marine Room, La Jolla, CA

I had a lovely birthday dinner here.  I ordered their signature special which included a filet mignon with lobster, mashed potatoes and multi-colored carrots.  There was a steak sauce provided for the steak and a wine lemon butter sauce for the lobster.  The view is really worth coming for.  The building sits right on the beach so the waves look like they are coming right up to the wondows.  So beautiful and romantic.  They turn on the outside lights at night so you can continue to watch the birds, boats and waves outside.  This is a nice establishment with a bar, event area and valet only parking.  Great for impressing anyone you’d like to take out for sure.  Be prepared to come in with blazer or sunday best.  Some reviews complained of snobby waiters and hostesses but I encountered nothing like that.  I was treated like a queen.  Treat the staff like normal people and they will be kind.

Date destination – Yes.  Don’t hesitate if you can afford it.


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