Pei Wei, San Diego, CA

I’ve been to Pei Wei many times in Texas, but this Valentines Day I went out with a couple friends to share some sushi and spicy asian dishes.  We ordered their Kung pao sushi, Kung pao chicken salad, spicy Thai noodles and lettuce wraps.  They don’t have a set menu for any holiday and it is one of those restaurants where you order at the counter and they deliver it to your table, like Corner Bakery.  This way we were able to avoid the crowds and high prices typically seen at restaurants on v-day.  It was perfect, no crowds, good prices, good food.  Pei Wei has many Asian dishes to choose from egg rolls, to Thai steak salad to rice and noodle dishes.  Prices are usually around $10-15.  Everything seems like they cook it to order when I come in.

Date destination?  Not really.  The restaurants are clean and the food is really good, but the atmosphere is not made for impressing a date.


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