Simas Grill and Deli, La Jolla, CA

I’ve been meaning to eat here since I heard that they serve chicken kabob salads.  I was also told it was a “mom and pop” owned establishment, which seems to be true.  I stopped by in the late lunch hour and ordered just that, the chicken kabob salad, however they had other salads including caesar.  They also offer sandwiches, burgers, baklava and soups.  The atmosphere could have used a paint job to spruce it up and brighten the energy.  A nice white and blue Greek style would transform the place.  The kabob was good, warm and spiced well.  It came with fresh greens, tomato, Kalamata olives, and feta cheese.  The staff organization was very “mom and pop”, with the Mom giving the orders in the kitchen and the Pop looking a bit worn down.  Speed was reasonable for the fact that the food was freshly prepared.  Prices vary from $2-$10.


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