Alborz, Del Mar, CA

Several things went wrong when stopping by this very well marketed restaurant. First they are not easy to find.  They are tucked in a corner of a strip mall that is off of the main road into the parking lot.  It would be very easy to miss them the first time driving into the area.  Second, my whole meal was overpriced warmed over leftovers ($28 for tea, dolmathes and spanakopita).  I understand restaurants dont always make things from scratch but they didnt put in any effort to disguise it. All they had to do was top the spanakopita with fresh filo dough, brush with olive oil and warm in the oven until crispy. Maybe it was my fault for not ordering what was on the lunch menu and ordering an app and side instead.  I heard about this restaurant through Facebook, as they were advertising their live music and belly dancers in March.  So between the two restaurants I saw on Google maps in Del Mar when I was leaving the Gem Faire I picked this one because I wanted to see if I’d be comfortable driving up there for a live show in the future.  Great marketing is good for bringing in new customers, but memorable food helps to make repeat customers, which can be your bread and butter.  The other restaurant had higher reviews on yelp than this one.  The atmosphere is very nice and appropriate for a Persian/Greek restaurant.  If they can just turn around their kitchen and have signs in the parking lot showing where the restaurant is they’d have a winning combination here.  

Date destination?  Everything is right here for a date but the food I had.  Atmosphere, service, and live music are always pluses.


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