Sea Breeze, Plano, TX

My family recommended this place and brought me here over the weekend.  When we first moved to Plano, TX back in 1988 we loved this place called Fishmongers which had Cajun style seafood cooking.  Fishmongers is still around and located in an old Chili’s on 75.  This place is similar in that they have a fish market, bar and restaurant all on one.  I ordered the lobster bisque and the salmon caesar salad.  The lobster bisque had real claw in there and was very creamy.  The caesar was my favorite of the evening.  They give you just enough salmon to fill you but not too much so you still feel light at the end of the evening.  Very nice casual atmosphere, the bar has some white beautiful stone for the counter.  The seafood is good for Texas, but doesn’t compete with New England.

Date destination?  A casual one, yes.


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