Seasons 52, La Jolla, CA

I’ve been to the Seasons 52 before but in downtown San Diego.  This location, situated in the UTC mall, had the same feel as the one in Seaport Village.  Wood walls and bar, piano in the center.  I had their beef chili and stuffed crab and shrimp mushrooms.  The beef chili was very tasty.  The mushrooms lacked enough seasoning to make them enjoyable.  They could have used some salt at least if not an herb.  In summary, this place is super pricy for how much you get.  If it is small portions they should be memorable in some way, hopefully tasty with seasoning, maybe some presentation, but have an emphasis on taste overall.  I enjoyed my cup of soup but was it worth the price? Not sure. Ultimately I think you are paying for atmosphere and location.

Date destination? -It has potential.  I would say it is at night because they have a piano player and it is a nice atmosphere.  The mall would be a great place to stroll around when done with dinner.


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