Taste of the Himalayas, San Diego, CA

My friend told me about this place and it replaced my favorite French bistro Bino’s in Hillcrest.  I ended up ordering their lamb dumplings, mushroom Tikka Marsala and herbed naan.  She asked me how spicy I wanted it, between 1 until 10.  I said 7, and said I like spice but want to be able to taste afterwards.  She recommended a 6 and she was correct.  It was delicious.  The dumpings were obviously homemade and came with an herbed tomato based sauce.  The whole meal started with a small soup, which tasted like split pea soup.  Atmosphere is comfortable and filled with swords, copper and bronze statues. 

Date destination?  Yes, the food is great, comes in cute pots and handmade dumplings.  The atmosphere has low lighting and pots on the wall to start conversations.  Kind and attentive service.


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