Mr. Peabody’s, San Diego, CA

Loved this place.  It’s like a little local tavern/diner you visit while on a road trip.  Except it is on the very busy Friars road.  I’ve past this place many times while coming back from Sea World but this was my first time in.  Ended up ordering the Peabody burger, with extra fixings of bacon, mushrooms (they’re real and not from a can!), Swiss and ranch on the side.  The speed was good and it tasted freshly made.  This place has an older feel, those of you that enjoy 80’s taverns and diners will like this place.  I highly recommend getting the burger and if you can’t do carbs cut it up over the generous helping of lettuce tomato, pickle and red onion you get on the side.  So good!  A lot of the people sitting there seemed to be regulars and the waitresses were very attentuve, fast and friendly.

Date destination – I’d say no because it really won’t wow her, the place seems a bit worn.  But the patio to the side during a casual date might be alright.  Depends on the lady.


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