Snooze an AM Eatery, San Diego, CA

Right off of the 163 in Hillcrest is a really popular breakfast spot, Snooze an AM Eatery.  I’ve tried to come here before after hearing about it from several people but there was a line out the door.  This morning, my friend of 20+ years was in town and leaving before I would get home in the evening so I offered to take her out for breakfast to the popular spot in the city.  We got there slightly after they opened at 6:40ish, and got a seat at the bar.  They have delicious sounding meals on their menu, including peanut butter pancakes, breakfast pot pie, caprese benedict, sweet potato pancakes, pretzel bun sandwiches as well as the usual breakfast combos. I got the Snooze Classic with pulled pork, hashbrowns and English muffin.  My friend tried their plain pancake, which was thick, filling and fluffy.  Topped with rolled butter and powdered sugar, she enjoyed it.  Overall, I’d love to come back and try something else, if I can get up that early again.

Date destination – Maybe a casual one.


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