Khyber Pass, San Diego, CA

I love this place.  It is an Afghani restaurant with unique offerings, all freshly made.  The atmosphere is beautiful; with white table cloths and art on the wall.  Try the Aushak with the spicy mayo and cilantro sauce.  Their mushroom curry is good as well.  Don’t leave without trying their cherry blossom tea which is sweet but delicious.  I keep coming back, and have a great time every time.

Date Destination – Absolutely!  Don’t wait and stop in.  I recommend walking her down to Chocolat afterwards for a little decadent truffle and coffee to complete a VERY romantic experience.  One of my favorites.


Cape Town, La Jolla, CA

This was my first South African food experience.  My very good friend is from South Africa so she was able to consult me on what was authentic.  I ended up having the bobotie which is like sloppy joes with a baked egg casserole on top.  The cucumbers were crinkle cut and the salad topped with a balsamic dressing.  A very filling meal, we ended it with a Lemington cake which is a chocolate cake with coconut shavings.  

Date Destination – Yes, it would be a unique one.

Pomegranate, San Diego, CA

I’ve always been interested in Russia, although not really sure why.  Stopped by Pomegranate after a coworker recommended the place.  Russian military hats and flags line the walls.  Unique Georgean and Armenian wines are available as well. Having been here 3 times I would say the atmosphere is comfortable and homey and the food is like your mother lovingly made it.  The portion sizes are very reasonable, not too big not too small.  I even tried their authentic honey cake, which is a layered light cream and angel like cake. Service is always welcoming and they speak Russian!

Date destination – I would say so yes.  Unique and comfortable.  

208 Rodeo, Los Angeles, CA

This place is situated right in the Rodeo drive strip.  They give you plenty of food, my salad almost came with a whole steak on top.  Since you are on Rodeo drive expect high prices.  Is the food worth the price?  No.  There is no view other than of tourists walking by.  The artichoke soup was boring, like just eating cream, but the salad was good.  There was a lot of meat on my salad.  All in all, probably wouldn’t go back, I can get a tastier meal for a reasonable price somewhere else.

Date destination – If you want to pay a lot to sit and eat on Rodeo Dr, sure.  Obviously a place to impress based on its location, but between San Diego and LA, you can do that in many places. Maybe if she is still wowed by the Pretty Woman image of Rodeo Dr.

Saska’s, San Diego, CA


I was told by a local friend that this place was famous for its sushi.  So we stopped in and of course I didn’t have the sushi.  I was watching my calories and carbs and had the chicken salad, which was delicious and filling.  My friend thoroughly enjoyed her sushi however, relishing every bite.  This place is located near mission beach so ideal for walking along the beach after a nice meal.

Date destination?  Yes, the food was great, with light options and the beach only a block away for a nice romantic stroll.

Apollonia, San Diego, CA

I have not counted the many times I have been here but must be over 5 by now.  This place is awesome.  Real authentic greek wine and spice & herb filled food.  The happy hour prices are amazing, with apps starting around $2 and the wine around $4.  They don’t skimp on the spices, which I love, or the quality.  I recommend the happy hour meatballs (a must!). Probably the best I’ve had, just because of the warm spices they include.  The spanakopita is made fresh there, I can tell the difference as I’ve made it for myself many times.  The dolmades comes with or without meat and is delish.  So many more items I want to try.  Nice sculptures and art adorn the walls, with warm colors on the walls.

Date destination?  Definately.  A nice outdoor patio with granite tables so you can people watch or private booths around the inside of the restaurant.  Wonderful.