Dine with Shamu, Sea World, San Diego, CA


It was my birthday on this day.  I always wanted to go to SeaWorld on my birthday, so I did my birthday up right.  Stopped by the educational “Meet the Killer Whales” show, followed by a Dine with Shamu meal and ended my birthday with the “One Ocean” show.  3 orcas shows one after another.  Best. Birthday. Ever.

I have been to Dine with Shamu twice.  Each time is a treat just because you get so close to the whales you can see their eyes actually looking at you and because you can hear their vocalizations.  That alone is worth the price.  I feel the food itself is above average for  buffet food.  They have whole chicken on the bone cut up in front of you, sliced roast beef, various cheese and meat trays, platters full of different cheesecakes, cookies shaped like whales, and chocolate cakes.  Adult mac-n-cheese is one of the consistent favorites.  Other meat, fish and salad options are usually available as well.  I thought the food was great as is the entertainment.

Date destination?  Of course!




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