Ruby’s Diner, San Diego, CA

This is a cute, long diner in the middle of the fashion valley mall. It has red stools and old timey pictures, set with a 50’s theme. When I was seated the milkshake menu was front and center, but alas, I did not order a peanut butter milkshake this day. I ordered the two egg breakfast with sausage and english muffins. The muffin was cooked perfectly with plenty of butter on both halves. The eggs were cooked perfectly as well, scrambled hard. It is amazing to me how expensive places can’t seem to get my eggs right but diners can. The potatoes are just sliced potatoes with onions, no hash browns that I could see. The sausage did not please me, but looked homemade and original. Not sure where they get their supply of sausage or if they make them, but the texture seemed a bit too soft for me. The prices seemed reasonable as well, my meal costing around $8.

Date Destination? Maybe a casual one.


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