Asmara, San Diego, CA

A friend recommended this place close to El Cajon on University. It is an Eritrean restaurant called Asmara, named after the capital of the country. They have music videos from that country playing in the restaurant, that show views of the capital city at times. Not to worry, they speak English and the menu is in English. We ended up ordering their meat combination meal which included regular Tibsi, Awasi tibsi, Zighini and the Zilzil Tibsi.  I thoroughly enjoyed one of the spicier meats, I believe it was the Zighini. The spices were different and varied, like a really good curry in a tomato based sauce. Each meal comes with Injera, or their version of flat bread. The Injera was very spongy, with a vinegar aftertaste. The art on the walls was lovely and the restaurant seemed pretty clean.  I would recommend the combo meal. It gives you a nice variety with salad and Injera. I am told their honey wine is also good with a mango-like taste.

Date destination? I would say yes, there were nice seats, table cloths, interesting food and culture to discuss. The only thing I would warn you of is the food is eaten with your hands or Injera, so if you have a girlfriend that is not ok with that maybe not best for her.


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