Heritage Ranch, Fairview, TX

Enjoyed a brunch on Sunday at Heritage ranch (Mum on the right).  Ordered some coffee (delicious) and had their full buffet brunch.  They offer the breakfast only brunch for a reduced price where they can make omelets, waffles and pancakes.  The larger buffet includes entrees with salad, meats, fruits and dessert.  The entrees today were tilapia in a Caper Beurre Blanc, Chicken Marsala with mushrooms, and Roasted Pork Loin with an apple demi.  All are portioned in small amounts so you can easily try everything, as I did of course, just for you.  The pork was tender, and the tilapia was in a lovely creamy sauce.  I also tried their Boston cream pie and brownie bites (I inhaled too fast and forgot to take photos, oops).  Others at our table had their made-to-order omelets with fruit.  All in all a delicious, filling meal right off the beautiful golf course.

Date destination?  Not really, this is in a senior living community.


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